Performance by Amis Kakeng

Mon, 23 Apr 2012 09:46

Had a chance to visit one of the most beautiful place in Taiwan - Tai Tung. The warmth and hospitality left a very strong impression. The organic foods were always freshly prepared by the gathering effort of the young and old. Striking mountains, cliffs and grand sea view, the nature was mesmerizing. While visiting the local Tribes, there was a delightful encounter with the Amis Kakeng Music Group. It is a vocal band formed by young adults and children. They have the most natural instincts to create music, using mostly bamboo as materials to make their own instruments, together with simple melodies, simple words, simple rhythms, to express the strongest energy. The group was soon to be touring Europe; their leader said, Amis Tribe are the most happy and content people, and it is their wish to share their positivity with the rest of the world. It was their purity and energy that made me humble, and proud to be coming from the same island. Good luck Amis Kakeng!

An Afternoon At Discovery Bay College

Sun, 22 Apr 2012 09:46

Before 2011 ended, William Lane & I gave a viola & piano recital at the Discovery Bay College. Programme was Schubert Arpeggione, Hindermith Sonata in D and Schittke Stille Nacht arranged for viola just for the flare of Christmas, a bit of humour to end the recital. It was nice to see quite a few youngsters listening to us. We threw in a few viola jokes in between just to lighten up the atmosphere, it took some time to think of the lesser rude ones! Must say that the college is lucky to have someone like Tom Hope; the Family Music Series organizer, to volunteer his time getting everything together purely for the love of music and education. Wouldn’t it be great if one day concerts became more popular and more practised than exams and competitions among HK students!